No fighting game is complete without a grappler, right? Gabrek is a massive heavyweight fighter who can tear apart any foes foolish enough to come close to him. He’s slow and extremely dangerous, with a bunch of cards and a character ability that make him extremely threatening at range 1.

Gabrek is a specialist at close range fighting, with a ton of extremely punishing and hard-to-beat range 1 moves. He has a lot of tools for getting into range 1, but these still leave openings for his opponent to respond in time to get out of his way, though it’s often expensive to do so. Thus, Gabrek fights with a combination of intimidation and control, picking carefully when to strike and when to look for a better position.

Gabrek’s main strategies revolve around getting to range 1, as well as using range 1 as a way to threaten opponents into suboptimal moves. Especially with some gauge, Gabrek is so dangerous that opponents often have no choice but to step back, making your range 2 and 3 moves especially useful. Gabrek also has a boost called Reach that allows him to extend the range of his most threatening moves out by one space, giving him a surprise for opponents who don’t spend enough resources to get out of his way.

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