The world is teetering on the brink of nuclear war. Countries stockpiling global thermonuclear warheads have entrusted the nukes to supercomputers. Two such computers, DEEP RED and BLU9000, have both had their launch sequences input. Fearing mutually assured destruction, the computers race to hack one another so they can launch unimpeded and destroy their enemy.

RESISTOR_ is a fast and intense two-player competitive card game that relies on hidden information and tactical decision-making. Through the manipulation of double-sided cards on the table and in your hand, you create a connected line of your color that goes across the board into your enemy's base to score a point, increasing their DEFCON level. Score four times to push the enemy past DEFCON 4 to successfully launch your nukes without a counterstrike.

Each turn, you have three different actions to change the state of the board. You must take all three before you can score a point. This means even if you have a connected line at the beginning of your turn, you must figure out how to keep it while still performing the actions.

But even when it's not your turn, you must pay attention. When your opponent performs their actions, you will learn more about the cards in play, which is information that can be used when your turn comes around again.

On top of that, there is the Resistor card, which can be used to chaotically change the entire face of the board, or to strategically heal yourself while undermining your opponent's plans. Beware, though, because whenever Resistors come into play, the board is going to shrink, speeding up the scoring and intensifying the gameplay.

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"... people who love fast, furious card play, will really enjoy RESISTOR_." Jonathan Bolding, The Escapist

"They've created a fun and frantic game that I can't wait to play again." Steven Hammond, Somnambulant Gamer

"To put it simply: I like the way this game makes me think." Moe Tousignant, Windsor Gaming Resource

"[RESISTOR_] is easy to learn and teach but takes some real cerebral processing to be good at." Steve Tudor, Polyhedron Collider

"Let me start at the end and just say WE LOVE THIS GAME! I keep this in my bag at all times and have been forcing people to play at every con and get-together we’ve been invited to, and some we haven’t." Herb Ferman, Game and a Curry

"For a short game that’s effectively about trying to draw a line from one end of the board to the other, RESISTOR_ is one system who offers a light conflict-driven struggle that’s more than the sum of its parts." Ryan LaFlamme, The Cardboard Republic


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