Level 99 Games Playtester NDA

Become a Playtester in 5 Easy Steps!

1. Visit the playtester's forum (http://playtest.lvl99games.com) and register an account there. Put your account name in the "Forum Name" spot below. We will manually activate your account when we receive your NDA (there is no activation email sent).

2. Download and print the playtester NDA. Sign it, then scan or photograph it. It's at the bottom of this form.

3. Fill out this form to join the Level 99 Games Playtester Email List.

4. Send an email with the NDA attached and your requested forum name to espera@level99games.com with the subject line "Level 99 Games Playtester Application" (If you don't have both the NDA and your forum name in this email, we can't activate your forum account!)

5. (optional) Feel free to share this link with others in your play group who you wish to playtest with. The more the merrier! :)

After getting the email, we'll email you back as soon as possible and activate your forum login. 

We'll use this mailing list to notify you of new updates and games that become available for playtesting. You can participate in as few or as many playtests as you wish.

Happy Gaming!

- Brad

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