Millennium Blades Rulebook: Now Available for Download

Millennium Blades is coming out this month! To prepare for the game, why not download and brush up on the rules? We've made the game's complete rules available here for download. Enjoy!

If you haven't pre-ordered your copy of Millennium Blades yet, make sure to reserve one from our online store to guarantee your copy–we expect them to go quickly!

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Pixel Tactics Playmats in restock

Due to the sales generated by our recent Pixel Tactics Deluxe Bundle Sale, our Pixel Tactics Deluxe Playmats are currently on backorder. 

Our usual playmat printer is currently repairing their heat press, so we expect a 1-2 week delay on getting these mats back in stock.

However, our site is set up to accept backorders, so if you want to take advantage of the price of the Pixel Tactics Deluxe bundle before it goes away, you should have no problem placing an order–just be aware that it may take a week or so for us to process it.


- D. Brad Talton Jr.

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The return of BattleCUBES! #001 - Hikaru

Greetings once again!

Fábio Fontes has whipped up something cool for us! Prepare yourself for the triumphant return of BattleCUBES!

A while ago, we offered these do-it-yourself papercraft figures from the world of Indines. Now, we're bringing them back on a weekly basis. You can download a new BattleCUBE figure every Friday here on our website.

The first one is Hikaru Sorayama, available now!



For those who are unfamiliar with papercraft, these are simple models that can be printed on your home printer and assembled with simple scissors and tape or glue. They make great ornaments, and you can even use them as game pieces when playing BattleCON!

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BGG.con with Level 99 Games

Over here at Level 99, we're getting prepared and excited for BGG.con 2015, taking place November 18-22 in DFW.

At the show, we're going to debuting Pixel Tactics 1 through 5 (second editions of 1,2, and 3) as well as Pixel Tactics Deluxe!

We've also got two brand-new playmats that we've created for Pixel Tactics, and for general gaming, which will be available in very limited quantity at BGG. We'll be releasing only 10 of each of these mats each day, so make sure you get yours!

I (D. Brad Talton Jr.) will be at the Level 99 booth from 1-4pm every day, and I'm looking forward to chatting with you about our current and upcoming games. Whether you're a reviewer, a backer of our projects, or just a curious fellow gamer, I'm excited to meet and talk with you. If you want to schedule something official with me and sit down to talk in a quieter setting, I'm available for booking! Just email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll set something up!

Besides just me, we'll have Nicole Kline and Anthony Amato, the designers of RESISTOR_, and Trey Chambers, the designer of Argent, at our booth at various times over the weekend, and they'll be available for interviews, signings, and discussion of their future projects. Come by and say hello!

If you missed out on some of our past promotional items, BGG.con is a great place to grab them! We'll have assorted promos for Argent, BattleCON, and Pixel Tactics, as well as our Mage Wars crossover promos featuring Eligor and Gerard!

Finally, if you want to see some games from the future, I'll be showing off Millennium Blades and EXCEED at various times during the show! Come by and meet me there, and we'll figure out a time to play! :D 

I look forward to seeing you guys there, and Happy Halloween!!!

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New Fighters join the roster for EXCEED!

We have an exciting announcement today! Two new guest fighters for the EXCEED fighting system are now available to backers of the current Kickstarter Project!

I had been showing EXCEED around quite a bit, and I got a copy into the hands of Aaron Brosman of Arcane Wonders. He loved the game, and immediately asked if we could put together a Mage Wars cross-promotion with EXCEED. Bryan Pope, the creator of Mage Wars, tried the game at Essen, and was sold on becoming a part of it. We hammered out the details, and now I'm ready to show you the results of our work!

Mage Wars is preparing their new game, Mage Wars: Academy, a more casual-friendly version of their core game, and it seemed like a great idea to put a Mage from Academy into EXCEED. So without further ado, here is Devris Valda, the Warlock from Academy set #2!

We're talking with Arcane Wonders about doing a full 4 or 8-fighter mini-season for EXCEED in the future. Until then, this will be a very limited chance to get this fighter as a project add-on.

One thing that's really neat about Devris are the new Mage-Wars themed Normal Attacks. These are the same as those in Red Horizon, but with the new card templates and the art from Mage Wars, they take on a rather different look, don't they? :D

Not to be outdone, I wanted to include one of our own future-series fighters into the mix, and so I've put together Juno from Esper X (pronounced "Esper-Cross"). She comes from a far-future world where humans use robotic servants called Espers to interface with nanotechnology.

I won't say too much about the story and such at this point, but it uses a pop-future art style inspired by games like Jet Grind Radio and Space Channel 5, with character designs and art by Karl Fan.


Like Devris, Juno comes with her own alternate set of Normals, using a brand new card layout!

Here's a look at all three of the card templates side-by-side!


These fighters, as well as 16 more from the world of Red Horizon, are available in the EXCEED Fighting System Kickstarter!

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EXCEED Meet the Fighters: Heidi

We continue our look at the EXCEED fighters with Heidi! 

Heidi was a bit of a wildcard, since her UFS release is still set in the future. Even UFS players haven’t seen her yet, and so we got to be a bit creative with her play style. In general, she’s a foundation-focused fighter, which means more build-up and control. 

Heidi is a tempo character who acts as a foil to Reese’s style. She works by playing lots of boost effects, and using her attacks to “install” a boost for next beat, giving her a potential for build-up play or rush-down tactics.


Heidi offers a high degree of sustainability. While she isn’t as competent at aggressive rushdown as Reese, she can pressure opponents without degrading her hand and leaving herself open to serious punishment. Often Heidi will need to set up a boost in order to make her attack viable for her next turn. This one-two punch gives her an interesting bluff-and-counter dynamic, as opponents will be trying to predict your attack based on the boosts you’ve put into play and zone out of your range. Knowing when to switch between your more control-oriented style and convert to a full-on assault is the key skill to using Heidi.

Bring Heidi to your tabletop by backing EXCEED, currently on Kickstarter!

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A Postcard from Brad

Hey everyone!

We've been having a great time in England so far! We celebrated Lynda's birthday yesterday with a trip to Avebury Henge, Stonehenge, and Stourhead Gardens. 

We rented a car and have been driving from place to place. The roads around here are very narrow, but the speed limits are similar to the USA, which makes driving pretty thrilling. I think Lynda was about to have a heart attack during a few of these roundabouts (which replace our 3-way and 4-way stops in the USA).

I've taken some of the time on the plane to do a little bit of writing on that World of Indines tabletop RPG that everyone's been telling me to do for years. I have a few really cool ideas, and I can't wait to show them to you all when I get back. 

I hope that all is well and that Chris, Josh, Sam, JR, Chad, and Michael are taking care of you all. See you again soon, and happy gaming!

- Brad

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Exceed Meet the Fighters: Kaden

We continue our introduction to the fighters in EXCEED with Kaden!

Kaden is a brute-force fighter with lots of life and great strength. In UFS, he fights by adding new abilities to otherwise blank cards. In Exceed, we brought out this idea by giving him ways to enhance his normals via EX attacks

An EX attack is formed when you use two copies of the same card. This is normally a power-play that costs a lot of tempo, but makes an attack exceptionally viable and effective. Kaden doesn’t have to sacrifice his tempo when he uses an EX attack though, since his character ability replaces the extra card.

Kaden is a very filter-oriented character, which means he will spend a lot of time dumping cards out of his hand to replace them, as well as recycling cards out of his discard pile to form the EX attack pairs he needs. When he can make EX attacks, especially after upgrading to Exceed Mode, any attack in his kit becomes totally devastating. However, unless he does a lot of serious card drawing, most of his EX attacks are telegraphed (by returning cards from the discard) and can be zoned effectively with basic movement. Choosing which attacks to hold and which to try and force the opponent into right now are important skills for playing Kaden correctly.

Bring Kaden to your tabletop by backing EXCEED, currently on Kickstarter!

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EXCEED Meet the Fighters: Vincent

We continue Brad's descriptions of the EXCEED fighters with Vincent! 

Vincent is one of my favorite characters in UFS, the President of a dystopian future USA. He uses psychic powers of prediction and a defensive powersuit to block enemies and destroy them with counterattacks.

In Exceed, Vincent is a fully-committed defensive fighter. He prefers to fight passively, and his abilities reward him for letting his opponents attack first. Vincent’s kit gives him a lot of ways to draw and discard cards, so that his pool of counterattacks is always well-suited to the opponent he finds himself fighting.

Vincent is extremely tough to take down, and his game plan usually revolves around building up Gauge quickly with a few early pokes and counters so that he can use his Exceed mode to extend his survivability even further. Once he has access to armor, he can go on the offensive without worrying about speed, as any trades will be skewed starkly in his favor. Not without a few surprises, Vincent’s kit has some quick attacks that let him out-speed opponents who take his defensive play style for granted.

Bring Vincent to your tabletop by backing EXCEED, currently on Kickstarter!

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EXCEED Meet the Fighters: Alice

The second in our series of introductions: Alice! 

Alice is a control fighter who utilizes a few key attacks to make big attacks that her opponents can’t deal with. In EXCEED, we’ve built her as a control/threat fighter who possesses superior attacks with exceptionally precise range.

Alice has an exceptional set of special moves which outclass those of most other fighters. However, those moves are only usable at range 2 or range 3, and will miss the opponents if Alice can’t set up these specific ranges. With a lot of cheap movement and two ways to force her opponent into suboptimal attacks through her boosts, Alice can run her opponents down until they’re no longer able to avoid her best attacks, or punish them ruthlessly if they don’t take proper caution engaging her.

Alice’s strategy is to land a few powerful single strikes, then close the game by landing a hit with Surprise Punishment or Cross Blades, her two exceptionally high-damage Ultra Attacks. Combined with her character ability, Cross Blades can execute an enemy with as much as 15 life, forcing opponents to start playing around every move you make after the first few hits of a fight. Since Alice’s ability forces her opponent to try and engage her at range 1, holding onto cards that help her control this range as well is critical, as she’s far less effective there than fighters like Gabrek. In close range, Alice’s boosts can help her to make positive exchanges when played smartly, and many of her attacks will help her set up a deadly follow-up, if opponents attack first and give her the opportunity to take initiative.

Bring Alice to your tabletop by backing EXCEED, currently on Kickstarter!

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EXCEED Meet the Fighters: Reese

As EXCEED progresses on Kickstarter, we'll be releasing a preview of each of the fighters in the game. Allow us to introduce you to Reese!

Reese was the first EXCEED fighter to be fully fleshed out. In UFS, he has a rushdown style that revolves around playing lots of attacks while simultaneously resetting his card pool and drawing cards so that he can string together massive combos.

Reese is a straightforward rushdown fighter in EXCEED. When he stuns his opponent, he gets an effect called Advantage, which lets him take another turn. Unless his opponent can manage to escape his flurry of attacks or defend successfully, Reese can pin a rival and prevent them from drawing cards or moving out of his optimal range.

All this comes at a cost though–Reese doesn’t have excellent card draw either, and pressing the attack means that he’s going to sacrifice his own card draws, making each attack riskier and riskier. If the advantage turns against him in the middle of a long combo, it’s possible to punish him handily for overextending. Knowing when to commit and push the advantage and when to back off before your opponent turns the tables on you is a key skill for playing Reese effectively.

Bring Reese to your tabletop by backing EXCEED, currently on Kickstarter!  

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EXCEED Has Launched!

EXCEED is a new generation of tabletop fighting card game with brand new mechanics and gameplay. EXCEED puts a focus on pacing, speculation, hand management, and fast play. We're introducing EXCEED to our fans with the hope of creating a game system that brings various other fighting games and tabletop games into the same arena, and the success of this campaign will help us show larger video game properties demand for fun, up-tempo tabletop fighting games exists. 

Please take a moment and check out the campaign! You'll find the normal Kickstarter campaign video, pledge levels, rewards, and stretch goals, as well as a link to download a two-player preview of EXCEED. 


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BattleCON: War Remastered Hits Stores This Week

Good news folks, BattleCON: War Remastered is now available in Friendly Local Game Stores across the US! If you haven't had a chance to try out War Remastered, here's a review by Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower, who calls it one of the best games he's ever played. 

Check with your local store to order BattleCON: War Remastered today, or check it out in our online store right here

Retailers, if you'd like to place an order for your store, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  



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BattleCON Online Is Here!

We've come to Kickstarter to bring an unprecedentedly full-featured version of BattleCON to your Web, PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices (with cross-platform play, of course!). We want your help to develop and test new fighters, new modes, and more! Join in to help make this dream a reality to get early access to the game's beta in December, as well as a bunch of other exciting bonuses!

Click here to check out the BattleCON Online Kickstarter campaign!


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Official Argent T-Shirts!

Finally, you can show your school pride for Argent University, with this new shirt created by Cardboard Clothing, now on Kickstarter! I'm really excited for this project, which will give gamers a way to announce themselves in style. You know, if you're into comic books, or tv shows, or music, or video games, there's a lot of apparel on the market that you can wear to show off what you love. For board gamers, this isn't really the case, and there's tragically little for us to wear that's actually about games. Cardboard Clothing aims to change that, and this Argent Shirt is one of many that they have available.

I hope that you'll support this extremely cool project and get your favorite shirt! And I hope that your favorite shirt is the Argent University one! :D


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