BattleCON: Fate - Part 2

Another week, and 4 new character previews for Fate! Who are you looking forward to the most?


Sarafina Vanedran

  • Race / Gender / Nationality: Elvan / F / Willat
  • Style: Zoner - Control spacing to dominate the pacing of the game.
  • UA: Holoprojector - Create a hologram to appear in two places at once.

For the tricky player that wants to keep their opponent guessing, Sarafina’s Holoprojector allows you to be in two places at once and force a lot of unsafe plays on your opponent. Sarafina’s styles give her an excellent spread of ranges to control, and she has access to two equally viable Finishers that will seal a game or expand her toolset drastically.

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Introduction to BattleCON: War - Flight 3

We're back for the final week of BattleCON: War Character Previews!

If you're just joining now, you can find part 1 and part 2 by following the links.

Don't forget, BattleCON War is available for pre-order now in our online store, and you can even download a free print-and-play preview to try the game for yourself!


Cherri Seneca

  • Race / Gender / Nationality: Human / Female / Sanghalim
  • Style: Specialist - Capitalize on special effects and technical bonuses.
  • UA: Nightmarish Visions - Each time you clash, damage your foe.

Cherri is a highly technical character with an overall weak kit. Her strategy revolves around clashing—that is, forcing both you and your opponent to select a new base attack. Cherri’s versatile styles, ranges, and the ability to force clashes on her opponent mean that her enemy will often be fighting clumsily and will not have access to their best cards, making Cherri’s sub-par attacks rather effective, if she can control the fight.

Cherri has high mobility and plenty of dodges and defense at her disposal, but her most important tools are her clashing tools–the Insight Token, Crimson Style, and Mirage Style. Mirage is especially deadly, because this style is the easiest way to force extended clashes, which may net you 3 or 4 points of bonus damage. Cherri’s Stare base is a powerful tool for recovering your tokens and for extending clashes even further.

Cherri can have difficulty dealing with foes that are able to manipulate their priorities, such as Demitras, Magdelina, and Hepzibah, as matching their priorities to trigger a clash can be tough, effectively taking Mirage out of consideration in her clash toolkit. In these cases, look for opportunities to better capitalize on your other clash tools.

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Exceed Fighting System Announcement!


We at Level 99 Games are excited to introduce EXCEED, the newest series in our family of dueling card games! After nearly two years of work and countless revisions, we are finally ready to bring EXCEED to life!



EXCEED is a 2-player fighting card game that simulates the flow of 2D Fighting Games, with a focus on insightful play, calculated risk, and fast-paced tactics. In EXCEED, each player chooses a 30-card deck representing a single fighter, or mixes together two decks to form a Tag Team, and then uses their fighter or team to do battle and defeat their opponent.

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Introduction to BattleCON: War - Flight 2

We're back with another week of BattleCON: War Introductions! 

If you missed the first week, you can find the 6 Basic Flight characters here!

BattleCON: War Remastered is coming out soon! Who are you going to master as your first fighter? Check out the roster of Flight 2 below. The final 6 character previews will be coming next week!

By the way, did you know that you can try 4 fighters from BattleCON for free? Click here to download the free print and play edition of the game!


If you haven't gotten your copy of BattleCON: War reserved yet, you can get it at the Level 99 Store, and it will ship with bonus promotional fighters as soon as it arrives!


Hepzibah Culotre

  • Race / Gender / Nationality: Human / Female / Gesselheim
  • Style: Gambler - Use powerful stats and effects, but beware—mistakes may be deadly.
  • UA: Dark Pact - Exchange your own life for incredible power. 

Hepzibah is one of the most dangerous fighters in War, both to herself and to others. Her Dark Pact ability exacerbates the exchange on all of her trades, meaning that if she lands a hit, she’ll make excellent ground, but if she misses and gets hit, she’ll suffer extreme losses.

Hepzibah’s strength is in her ability to hedge the bets she makes with her UA by backing them up with her styles. Her toolkit provides excellent hit confirm and defense, as well as the ability to pump up her damage and guarantee a stun, even if she would normally miss it by a few points.

Her main weaknesses come from opponents who have ways to dodge her attacks or to break through her generally strong defenses. Since miscalculations and lost beats can be especially costly for Hepzibah, she has to be careful against opponents who have extra ways to trip her up.

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Introduction to BattleCON: War - Flight 1

BattleCON: War Remastered is coming out soon! Who are you going to master as your first fighter? Check out the roster of Flight 1 below. The remaining 12 character previews will be coming up later this week!

If you haven't gotten your copy of BattleCON: War reserved yet, you can get it at the Level 99 Store, and it will ship with bonus promotional fighters as soon as it arrives!

Hikaru Sorayama

  • Race / Gender / Nationality: Half Elemental (Light) / Male / Relecour
  • Style: All-Rounder - Take advantage of the opponent’s weakness and use superior stats.
  • UA: Geomancy - Infuse your attacks with the elements of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth!

Hikaru is one of the best characters to start out with in BattleCON. He has great stats with above average speed and power, and the ability to use his Geomancy to boost any sub-par stat or to push an above-average stat even higher. Packing a set of styles with speed, mobility, defense, and a little bit of control, Hikaru has everything you need to take on just about any opponent out there.

Hikaru’s greatest strength is his versatility. Both his styles and his Geomancy ability combine to give him a huge array of options, so that he can deal with just about any situation he finds himself in. This allows Hikaru players to take the best option they see, without worrying much about long term set-ups or trying to play around the opponent’s best attacks.

Hikaru’s most difficult matches are against technical characters with hard counters, such as the ability to dodge at specific ranges or to lock down his movement. Lacking any good range options, Hikaru can get into bad situations against characters like Khadath and Rukyuk who excel at keeping their opponents out of melee.

Read more: Introduction to BattleCON: War - Flight 1

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NOIR: Game Design Contest!

We're running a NOIR: Black Box Edition game design competition! We're asking designers of any experience level - even first timers! - to submit their original design for a variant of NOIR, or an entirely new game, using the components from NOIR: Black Box Edition. 

Click this link for the Google Form with more information and submission instructions - and good luck! 

Submissions will be accepted until 11:59 PST on June 30th, 2015. If you have any questions, please email our Community Manager, JR Honeycutt, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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BattleCON: Devastation of Indines - Back In Stock

Our best-selling two-player fighting game is back in stock wherever fine games are distributed, so if you've been waiting to restock BattleCON: Devastation of Indines, now's the time!

BattleCON: Devastation of Indines retails for $75 MSRP. It has an 8.44/10 ranking on, making it the #60 strategy game. It has 1150 individual rankings, 370 of which are 10/10. View more about BattleCON: Devastation of Indines on here. 

BattleCON: Watch it Played by Rodney Smith

In addition to Devastation of Indines, BattleCON: War of Indines and Fate of Indines will be at distribution later this summer. We're releasing other expansions for the BattleCON line over the course of the year. This represents Level 99 Games' commitment to consistently delivering new BattleCON games to our fans. 

We're currently developing a new tournament kit, and we'll announce details soon. This kit will provide the prize support and tools needed to run a BattleCON at your local store, and we'll look for store employees or local fans to run these tournaments. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Community Manager JR Honeycutt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Radho Runs Through Millennium Blades

Popular board game reviewer Rahdo "runs through" Millennium Blades, giving a detailed and extensive report on how to play Millennium Blades! Check it out on his YouTube channel by clicking here. 

He gives his final thoughts - he loved it! - on a separate video here, so check that one out too!

Check out Millennium Blades on Kickstarter now! 

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BattleCON: Armory is Here!

BattleCON: Armory, an expansion for BattleCON: Devastation and War, is in stock now! You can order it at your Friendly Local Game Store, or through our store here! Armory is an expansion which allows you to create customized fighters using all sorts of enchanted gear, potions, and trinkets. It's perfect for players who want to test their skills at creating fighters on the fly!

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Millennium Blades is Funded!

Thanks to our amazing fans and backers, Millennium Blades has funded on Kickstarter! That means that by backing for $50 plus shipping, you can receive a copy of Millennium Blades with all the stretch goals we've unlocked so far, and the ones to come! Check out the Kickstarter campaign now and see how can you can be a part of Millennium Blades by discussing the project in the comments, helping us choose promo sets, and even including yourself as a permanent part of the game! 

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