Argent: Watch It Played!

Thanks to Rodney at Watch it Played, we've a shiny new video to teach you everything you need to know about our new hit game, Argent: The Consortium. Watch the video here, and check it out in our store!

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Eligor and Gerard cross into Etheria!

Eligor Larington and Gerard Matranga have crossed into the world of Etheria! These popular fighters from the World of Indines are ready and willing to help Mage Wars spell-casters conquer their opponents on the field of battle. Thanks to our friends at Arcane Wonders for introducing a couple of our most popular heroes into one of our favorite games! 

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

From your friends here at Level 99 Games, we just wanted to take a moment and wish you a Happy New Year! 

Thanks for being a part of our family this year and supporting us with your time, energy, enthusiasm, and trust. We've had some great leaps forward and great setbacks as well this year. When I meet you at conventions, or read your comments on Board Game Geek, email, or Kickstarter, or hear about how you've enjoyed or are anticipating our latest project, it makes me excited to wake up another day and get to work and make all this a reality. If it weren't for you, there would be no Level 99 Games.

Thank you all so much for giving us the opportunity to bring these dreams to life. Your support gives us the confidence and the means to make extraordinary things become real. I can't wait to bring you even more great things in 2015!

As always, Happy Gaming!

D. Brad Talton Jr
Level 99 Games, President

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Greetings and Happy Holidays from Level 99!

It's getting close to the last business days of the year, and the start of the holiday season. At about this time of the year, we here in the office take a few days off to spend with friends and family and to relax and recover. We encourage you to do the same in these last few days of 2014. 

We will not be in the office from December 23rd through December 28th, or from December 31st through January 1st. We appreciate your patience with our customer service and shipping staff as they take a well-deserved holiday.  All of our normal features and support will be back online again starting January 2nd.

Thanks to all of you who have supported Level 99 Games by purchasing, playing, backing, participating, and anticipating our latest projects. Surprisingly, it's been a rather slow year for us--our only two new releases were Sellswords and Pixel Tactics 3. However, we have Argent, BattleCON: War, BattleCON: Fate, and 5 expansions to these two games, plus the NOIR Black Box Edition, all coming in early 2015. And that's just the start! We have a pretty awesome year lined up for you next time around.

Look out for some previews coming early next year, and I hope you all have a great Holiday with friends and family!



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Project Updates!

Greetings everyone!

We're back from Essen Spiel, one of the world's largest tabletop gaming conventions. We decided not to run a booth this year, but I did get a chance to meet a lot of new friends and partners in the industry. Hopefully this means that we'll have some of our games translated directly into European languages in the future too! :)

Project Status

Project-wise, here's where we are...

  • NOIR of Indines - Samples approved, mass production is finishing up. 
  • Armory - Pre-press approved, samples are in production. 
  • War Remastered - Pre-press approval this week, samples are in production.
  • Light and shadow - Pre-press submitting this week.
  • Fate - Pre-press submitting next week.
  • Promos - Pre-press submitting in 2 weeks. 
  • War Extended Edition - Pre-press submitting in 2 weeks.
  • Playmats - Pre-press submitting in 2 weeks.

So, art is almost 100% finished up (we have one more playmat being drawn) and there's still some proof-reading and templating for Fate, the Promos, and Extended. Everything will be at press and approved by the end of November. After the approvals, we usually have 6 weeks of production and 4 more weeks of shipping, so the project will probably take only about 60 days more than we estimated to deliver (which means we're getting much better, compared to our past record XD). To be safe, I'm going to go ahead and say March delivery at this point, and hope to hit February if all goes well.

Fate and the Promo fighters have been the main time sink for this project. We spent a lot more time on developing and balancing than we did in our past editions. Even with fewer characters, figuring out all the interactions between Armory, Light and Shadow, and the content of Extended Edition has taken up more time than we imagined, and the weeks have flown by. However, I'm confident that when the game is in your hands, you'll appreciate the extra work that has been put into it. 

Armory especially has been a ton of fun to play and develop. And for those who don't like the zero-randomness factor of BattleCon, we included a new variant that makes things much more unpredictable! The Fate characters have been especially fun to develop as well. Thessala is my top favorite at the moment, but everyone in the office has become attached to a different one, and they're all a blast to play as and against.

I want to express my deep thanks to each of you who have pledged your support for us, both for financial support to make the game a reality, and for the moral support that keeps us excited to bring the game to life. I can't wait to show you all the awesome stuff we've put together over these past few months!

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We're Number 99!

BattleCON: Devastation of Indines broke into the top 100 Strategy Board Games on today. This is a big moment for us! We'd like to say thanks to all our fans for playing BattleCON and giving it a great ranking.  

If you're a registered BGG user, please take a moment and rank the Level 99 Games you've played. Send our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you rank a game so we can say thanks! 


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Being Level 99

Earlier this year, I attended the Game Manufacturer’s Association (GAMA) trade show, and it was a very interesting and enlightening experience. GAMA is the show were publishers like Level 99 meet up with retailers (to tell them about the games we make) and printers (so they can tell us about what games they’re able to make). It’s a nice perspective on things, as we normally deal with gamers directly, and talking with store owners has made me look at things a little differently.

Read more: Being Level 99

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