As EXCEED progresses on Kickstarter, we'll be releasing a preview of each of the fighters in the game. Allow us to introduce you to Reese!

Reese was the first EXCEED fighter to be fully fleshed out. In UFS, he has a rushdown style that revolves around playing lots of attacks while simultaneously resetting his card pool and drawing cards so that he can string together massive combos.

Reese is a straightforward rushdown fighter in EXCEED. When he stuns his opponent, he gets an effect called Advantage, which lets him take another turn. Unless his opponent can manage to escape his flurry of attacks or defend successfully, Reese can pin a rival and prevent them from drawing cards or moving out of his optimal range.

All this comes at a cost though–Reese doesn’t have excellent card draw either, and pressing the attack means that he’s going to sacrifice his own card draws, making each attack riskier and riskier. If the advantage turns against him in the middle of a long combo, it’s possible to punish him handily for overextending. Knowing when to commit and push the advantage and when to back off before your opponent turns the tables on you is a key skill for playing Reese effectively.

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