The second in our series of introductions: Alice! 

Alice is a control fighter who utilizes a few key attacks to make big attacks that her opponents can’t deal with. In EXCEED, we’ve built her as a control/threat fighter who possesses superior attacks with exceptionally precise range.

Alice has an exceptional set of special moves which outclass those of most other fighters. However, those moves are only usable at range 2 or range 3, and will miss the opponents if Alice can’t set up these specific ranges. With a lot of cheap movement and two ways to force her opponent into suboptimal attacks through her boosts, Alice can run her opponents down until they’re no longer able to avoid her best attacks, or punish them ruthlessly if they don’t take proper caution engaging her.

Alice’s strategy is to land a few powerful single strikes, then close the game by landing a hit with Surprise Punishment or Cross Blades, her two exceptionally high-damage Ultra Attacks. Combined with her character ability, Cross Blades can execute an enemy with as much as 15 life, forcing opponents to start playing around every move you make after the first few hits of a fight. Since Alice’s ability forces her opponent to try and engage her at range 1, holding onto cards that help her control this range as well is critical, as she’s far less effective there than fighters like Gabrek. In close range, Alice’s boosts can help her to make positive exchanges when played smartly, and many of her attacks will help her set up a deadly follow-up, if opponents attack first and give her the opportunity to take initiative.

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