We continue Brad's descriptions of the EXCEED fighters with Vincent! 

Vincent is one of my favorite characters in UFS, the President of a dystopian future USA. He uses psychic powers of prediction and a defensive powersuit to block enemies and destroy them with counterattacks.

In Exceed, Vincent is a fully-committed defensive fighter. He prefers to fight passively, and his abilities reward him for letting his opponents attack first. Vincent’s kit gives him a lot of ways to draw and discard cards, so that his pool of counterattacks is always well-suited to the opponent he finds himself fighting.

Vincent is extremely tough to take down, and his game plan usually revolves around building up Gauge quickly with a few early pokes and counters so that he can use his Exceed mode to extend his survivability even further. Once he has access to armor, he can go on the offensive without worrying about speed, as any trades will be skewed starkly in his favor. Not without a few surprises, Vincent’s kit has some quick attacks that let him out-speed opponents who take his defensive play style for granted.

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