We continue our introduction to the fighters in EXCEED with Kaden!

Kaden is a brute-force fighter with lots of life and great strength. In UFS, he fights by adding new abilities to otherwise blank cards. In Exceed, we brought out this idea by giving him ways to enhance his normals via EX attacks

An EX attack is formed when you use two copies of the same card. This is normally a power-play that costs a lot of tempo, but makes an attack exceptionally viable and effective. Kaden doesn’t have to sacrifice his tempo when he uses an EX attack though, since his character ability replaces the extra card.

Kaden is a very filter-oriented character, which means he will spend a lot of time dumping cards out of his hand to replace them, as well as recycling cards out of his discard pile to form the EX attack pairs he needs. When he can make EX attacks, especially after upgrading to Exceed Mode, any attack in his kit becomes totally devastating. However, unless he does a lot of serious card drawing, most of his EX attacks are telegraphed (by returning cards from the discard) and can be zoned effectively with basic movement. Choosing which attacks to hold and which to try and force the opponent into right now are important skills for playing Kaden correctly.

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