Hey everyone!

We've been having a great time in England so far! We celebrated Lynda's birthday yesterday with a trip to Avebury Henge, Stonehenge, and Stourhead Gardens. 

We rented a car and have been driving from place to place. The roads around here are very narrow, but the speed limits are similar to the USA, which makes driving pretty thrilling. I think Lynda was about to have a heart attack during a few of these roundabouts (which replace our 3-way and 4-way stops in the USA).

I've taken some of the time on the plane to do a little bit of writing on that World of Indines tabletop RPG that everyone's been telling me to do for years. I have a few really cool ideas, and I can't wait to show them to you all when I get back. 

I hope that all is well and that Chris, Josh, Sam, JR, Chad, and Michael are taking care of you all. See you again soon, and happy gaming!

- Brad