We continue our look at the EXCEED fighters with Heidi! 

Heidi was a bit of a wildcard, since her UFS release is still set in the future. Even UFS players haven’t seen her yet, and so we got to be a bit creative with her play style. In general, she’s a foundation-focused fighter, which means more build-up and control. 

Heidi is a tempo character who acts as a foil to Reese’s style. She works by playing lots of boost effects, and using her attacks to “install” a boost for next beat, giving her a potential for build-up play or rush-down tactics.


Heidi offers a high degree of sustainability. While she isn’t as competent at aggressive rushdown as Reese, she can pressure opponents without degrading her hand and leaving herself open to serious punishment. Often Heidi will need to set up a boost in order to make her attack viable for her next turn. This one-two punch gives her an interesting bluff-and-counter dynamic, as opponents will be trying to predict your attack based on the boosts you’ve put into play and zone out of your range. Knowing when to switch between your more control-oriented style and convert to a full-on assault is the key skill to using Heidi.

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