We have an exciting announcement today! Two new guest fighters for the EXCEED fighting system are now available to backers of the current Kickstarter Project!

I had been showing EXCEED around quite a bit, and I got a copy into the hands of Aaron Brosman of Arcane Wonders. He loved the game, and immediately asked if we could put together a Mage Wars cross-promotion with EXCEED. Bryan Pope, the creator of Mage Wars, tried the game at Essen, and was sold on becoming a part of it. We hammered out the details, and now I'm ready to show you the results of our work!

Mage Wars is preparing their new game, Mage Wars: Academy, a more casual-friendly version of their core game, and it seemed like a great idea to put a Mage from Academy into EXCEED. So without further ado, here is Devris Valda, the Warlock from Academy set #2!

We're talking with Arcane Wonders about doing a full 4 or 8-fighter mini-season for EXCEED in the future. Until then, this will be a very limited chance to get this fighter as a project add-on.

One thing that's really neat about Devris are the new Mage-Wars themed Normal Attacks. These are the same as those in Red Horizon, but with the new card templates and the art from Mage Wars, they take on a rather different look, don't they? :D

Not to be outdone, I wanted to include one of our own future-series fighters into the mix, and so I've put together Juno from Esper X (pronounced "Esper-Cross"). She comes from a far-future world where humans use robotic servants called Espers to interface with nanotechnology.

I won't say too much about the story and such at this point, but it uses a pop-future art style inspired by games like Jet Grind Radio and Space Channel 5, with character designs and art by Karl Fan.


Like Devris, Juno comes with her own alternate set of Normals, using a brand new card layout!

Here's a look at all three of the card templates side-by-side!


These fighters, as well as 16 more from the world of Red Horizon, are available in the EXCEED Fighting System Kickstarter!