Over here at Level 99, we're getting prepared and excited for BGG.con 2015, taking place November 18-22 in DFW.

At the show, we're going to debuting Pixel Tactics 1 through 5 (second editions of 1,2, and 3) as well as Pixel Tactics Deluxe!

We've also got two brand-new playmats that we've created for Pixel Tactics, and for general gaming, which will be available in very limited quantity at BGG. We'll be releasing only 10 of each of these mats each day, so make sure you get yours!

I (D. Brad Talton Jr.) will be at the Level 99 booth from 1-4pm every day, and I'm looking forward to chatting with you about our current and upcoming games. Whether you're a reviewer, a backer of our projects, or just a curious fellow gamer, I'm excited to meet and talk with you. If you want to schedule something official with me and sit down to talk in a quieter setting, I'm available for booking! Just email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll set something up!

Besides just me, we'll have Nicole Kline and Anthony Amato, the designers of RESISTOR_, and Trey Chambers, the designer of Argent, at our booth at various times over the weekend, and they'll be available for interviews, signings, and discussion of their future projects. Come by and say hello!

If you missed out on some of our past promotional items, BGG.con is a great place to grab them! We'll have assorted promos for Argent, BattleCON, and Pixel Tactics, as well as our Mage Wars crossover promos featuring Eligor and Gerard!

Finally, if you want to see some games from the future, I'll be showing off Millennium Blades and EXCEED at various times during the show! Come by and meet me there, and we'll figure out a time to play! :D 

I look forward to seeing you guys there, and Happy Halloween!!!