Level 99 Games is excited to announce Duelist Library, a collection of 5 two-player games that will debut as a single collection in late 2016.

The Duelist Line contains some of Level 99 Games’ most well-known productions, including Pixel Tactics, BattleCON, Sellswords, RESISTOR_, and more. Now, we are expanding the line with 5 new games, which will be available both individually and as a complete bundle. For the past year, we’ve been working to find and test the best two-player games to add to Duelist Line. Now, we’re looking forward to bringing them to life!

In 2013, Level 99 Games released the Minigame Library, containing 6 different games across multiple genres, group sizes, and play lengths. Duelist Library aims to continue this tradition, while improving component quality and focusing on a core theme of 2-player games. Rather than being available exclusively as a collection, four of the games will also be designed and packaged as fully-fledged individual releases. The complete collection will come with an exclusive bonus game, and a package of additional expansion cards that tie the various games together.

The titles and the descriptions of the new games will be released over the next few months via the Level 99 Games newsletter and on our homepage. Each game in the library is primarily designed for two players, and has a different theme, play length, and designer, to ensure that gaming groups of two have a game on hand for any mood or situation.

The Duelist Library will be available on Kickstarter in Summer 2016, and is expected to be delivered this winter. Look out for upcoming announcements introducing the individual games in this new library over the next month, as we build up to the launch of the project!


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