We have some exciting news for you today! We're very happy to announce the start of Organized League Play for BattleCON and EXCEED, our fighting tabletop games!

We are still in the process of working on Event Organizer Software, but prospective organizers can download the pre-season event kits and start hosting events now! Just keep your paper match records on hand until we get the event organizer ready, in about 1-2 more weeks. All the instructions posters, invitation cards, and more that you'll need are inside the download file.


Play Games, Have Fun, Earn Prizes!

League Play is an open-ended style of event, where everyone can play and record their results. Try out different characters and play modes in a non-competitive environment, as you attempt to complete quests and score points. Event Organizers record the results of each event via our (upcoming) online platform, and players will be notified about their progress, as well as upcoming events by the same organizer. At the end of the League, prizes will be distributed to everyone who accumulates enough points for them! Organizers can play right alongside the players, and League events are a great way to introduce friends to the game, as well as to meet new friends in your local community!

If you want to organize an event, go ahead and download the kit with the link above and start planning. We'll notify you via email on our mailing list once the League Recorder software comes online.

After the end of the season, we'll send out prizes to all registered participants. Play in as many events as you can, and get some cool stuff early next year! (Note: These prizes are cumulative based on your point totals).

Here are the prizes for participation in EXCEED and BattleCON, respectively!