BattleCON: Fate - Part 1

With BattleCON: Fate coming out soon, it seems like a great time to do full introductions of the new cast of characters! Who are you going to play first in BattleCON: Fate? Take a look and decide!



Baenvier Marlgrove

  • Race / Gender / Nationality: Vaum / M / Gesselheim
  • Style: All-Rounder - Take advantage of the opponent’s weakness and use superior stats.
  • UA: Spelleater - Strip both players of their style bonuses and effects.

Baenvier is a brute force fighter whose Spelleater gives him the ability to cancel out the style cards of opponents. Spelleater brings the game back to basics, since Baenvier sacrifices his own style cards use its ability. On the flip side, Baenvier is generally strong, with high-impact styles that give him great stats, but no particular special tricks. The decision Baenvier has to make is whether he will try to land his own high-impact attacks, or play bases alone to negate the special tricks that opponents might use to gain the upper hand on him.

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Fate Spoilers - Week 1

Alright, let’s kick off the first week of Fate previews with a fan favorite, though I suppose all of them are fan favorites. Please keep in mind that these previews are supposed to give a general overview of each character, and that these characters are not quite finished yet. Let's get started. 


First up we have Jager Brandtford, the Wolfborn.


Jager Brandtford is one of two werewolf twins. In Devastation of Indines he fought alongside his sister Karin, but since then the two have been separated, and now they must develop their own fighting styles and strengths. Even though he once fought in his wolf form, Jager now embraces his humanity to become even stronger. As for Karin, well, you’ll see. Although they’re each on their own now, one thing is certain, they are more powerful than ever before.


Jager’s Unique Ability is Signature Move. Jager has 4 Signature Move cards. During the ante step Jager may ante one of his signature moves face down to replace his set attack pair. When he reveals, the reveals the anted signature move and executes it. (Signature moves are a complete attack, they are not part of an attack pair, they win priority ties against regular attacks and lose priority ties against finishers.) Then, that signature move is then removed from the game, and Jager’s set attack pair cycles normally. 


Jager is a high mobility fighter that is meant to stay in the opponent’s face constantly, because of this, almost everything in Jager’s kit has some kind of movement effect.


Style Preview


Fanged is a high mobility style that allows Jager to chase down his opponent, and possibly even pick up some bonus damage. Fanged is especially good when paired with Drive, as it would let Jager move up to four spaces.


Menacing is another style that allows Jager to keep pace with his opponent, as it allows him to follow his opponents if they try and run away. Menacing can be particularly powerful with Drive or Strike, as Drive would allow Jager to cover any excess distance while Strike would allow you to get into close range with high Stun Guard.


Unique Base Preview

Slicer has better than average base range, and grants Jager more movement, as well as a possible Power boost.


Signature Move Preview

First off, we have Miststep Massacre. Miststep Massacre allows Jager to dodge long range attacks, and immediately pin down his opponent.



Another one of Jager’s signature moves is Wolf’s Fang Fugue. Wolf’s Fang Fugue allows Jager to strike and advance multiple times, in quick succession. 


Finisher Preview

Blood Hunt is a high damage, high mobility Finisher that allows Jager to get away from his opponent, and still hit them.


Check back next Monday for a new character overview. We hope to see you there!


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