Greetings everyone! Today, I'm excited to announce the first game that will be included in our Duelist Library! 

We'll be announcing a new game for the library every Monday leading up to the launch of the project, so make sure to check back next week and see what else we have in store!

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Now, without further ado, the game!

That dastardly Professor Treasure is at it again! This time, he’s stolen away all the world’s treasures, and hidden them away in a secret floating castle! As an intrepid treasure hunter, you and your friends have finally managed to track down the castle. However, another team of explorers is already here!

Professor’s Treasure’s Secret Sky Castle is a competitive puzzle game where you and your opponent will race to find keys, unlock treasure chests, and collect priceless treasures from around the world and history! Send out your team of treasure hunters, each with their own unique way to explore the castle. But beware! Your opponent will try to thwart your plans and grab the treasure for themselves!


  • Use the unique skills of various treasure hunters to explore the castle and unlock treasure chests.
  • Steal victory from your rival by anticipating their plays and capturing the treasures they have their eyes on.
  • Fast to play, easy to learn, and endlessly repayable–a unique competitive puzzle game for all ages and skill levels.


We'll be previewing some of the cards from this game in the upcoming weeks on our tumblr blog and on Board Game Geek! I look forward to sharing the game with you soon! :D

- Brad