Hey everyone!

Last week was a rough week for me, as I came down with a debilitating cold on Tuesday Night, and was bedridden until Saturday. But at last I'm back to work! And none too soon either, as we're shipping Millennium Blades in the USA this week. If you still need to get your copy of Millennium Blades, you can get all the Kickstarter Bonuses along with the base game in our online store!

Without further ado, I bring you the second game in the Duelist Library: Ballistic Reign!

War has come to the World of Indines. As the Mercenary King Gerard Matranga makes his bid to become the absolute ruler of Relecour, the fearful barons lock themselves away in fortresses of ancient stone. Mercenaries from across the world take to the field of battle, waging a proxy war on behalf of their opulent masters.

Take control of one of the Mercenary Companies of Indines and put your mastery of battlefield strategy to the test! Build great siege engines, cast powerful war magic, and erect impenetrable fortresses on the field of battle. Use your workers carefully to balance between maintaining your forces and manning the units and structures you build. Invest your time in spell research, economic development, defense, and offense by working together and against other mercenary companies and capturing neutral locations in your campaign. Only the shrewdest tactician will be able to conquer their foe and bring peace to Indines once more!


  • Play as 10 different Mercenary companies from the World of Indines universe, each with their own weapons, spells, and leader!
  • Recruit from over 70 different units and strongholds to build your forces!
  • A masterful fusion of Economic, Tactical, and Strategic gameplay!


Ballistic Reign is the heaviest of the games in the new Duelist Library, but it offers a lot of depth and strategy, in the same vein as Pixel Tactics. Unlike Pixel Tactics, however, Ballistic Reign has a much heavier focus on the economic and engine-building elements of war, as you'll be able to refurbish and redeploy your constructs over and over, provided you can spare the work force to repair them.

I look forward to showing off some more previews of cards from this game soon! :D