Greetings everyone! It's another week here at Level 99 Games, and I'm excited to show you the third game in our Duelist Library! This is one I'm especially excited about, because it comes from the world of Millennium Blades!

As you may already know, Millennium Blades will be in stores next week, and you can pre-order it from our online store and get the Kickstarter Promo Cards that come with it, if you're interested in having those too.

Anyway, enjoy Card Fusion Chaos!


Game Design by Alex Brock. Illustration by Fábio Fontes

For centuries, the heroes of the world have used the power of Millennium Blades Trading Cards to protect the world from evil. The most powerful weapons in their arsenal were Fusion Cards–cards that combined the incredible powers hidden away within the game, bringing out their true potential. With the world in chaos once more, a new champion must master Card Fusion in order to defend earth!

Using your collection of Trading Cards and mystical Fusion Gems, combine cards together to create the most unbalanced, overpowered cards you can imagine. Clash with your rival to uncover shards of the Master Fusion Gem. The first player who can acquire enough shards to assemble the Master Gem will be declared the new champion of earth!

  • Combine over 80 already-overpowered trading cards in order to create the most over-the-top fusion cards imaginable! 
  • Test wits against your opponent by carefully selecting your fusion gems and tactically clashing with your collection of fused cards.
  • A fast-paced race to discover and create never-before-seen card plays! Over 350,000 unique fusion combinations are possible!