Greetings friends!

For this week's Duelist Library reveal, I'll announce the library-exclusive title, Commedia Dell'Arte! For those unfamiliar, Commedia Dell'Arte is a classical form of Italian Improvisational Theatre, using a set of distinct masked stock characters. 

This game is one of five that will be available in the Duelist Library, coming to Kickstarter next month! If you want to be there as soon as the project goes live, make sure to sign up for our mailing list!

Designed by D. Brad Talton Jr., Illustrated by Stephanie Johnson

Comedy and Tragedy, Tragedy and Comedy, the two perform an endless dance upon the stage. But what is the real difference? Only whether the two lovers are together at the end!

In Commedia Dell’Arte, you will use your troupe of actors to play out a story of two lovers, the forces that come between them, and their ultimate fate. Will they be driven apart by the vicious Pantalone? United by the wily Columbina? Or mocked by the cunning Scaramouche? Your direction will decide how the scenes and stories of the theatre unfold.

The game takes just moments to learn, and each act will take only minutes to play. Commedia Dell’Arte is a fast-paced, pocket-sized game that will have you and your friends shouting ‘encore’!

  • Utilize 15 different characters from the classical Italian improvisational theatre to win the stage!
  • Fast, lightweight gameplay that takes only moments to learn and minutes to play.


"Commedia" is my own entry into the Duelist Library, and is a minigame in the style of Love Letter or Dragon Punch. The box is a bit smaller than others in the Library, as it will be complemented by a box that also contains all of the library Promotional Cards and extras. 

I hope you all enjoy this preview look at the Duelist Library so far! We'll be showing off the final game next week, and then it will be onward to card and rulebook previews as we move towards the launch of the project. Get hyped! :D

- Brad