Here we are, the final of the five games for Duelist Library!

Sellswords Olympus is a standalone sequel to the hit tile placement game, which can be played alone or mixed in with the original!


The gods of Olympus have gone to war! Who will heed the call? Skilled warriors from all across the land rally to fight, met on the opposite side by magical beasts and monsters from myth. Lead your heroes to victory and become the champion of Olympus!

Sellswords Olympus is a fast-paced strategy game of drafting soldiers and deploying them to the field of battle. It takes only a few minutes to learn, but with fifty different heroes and monsters, each with their own unique ability to use and master, the possibilities for forming your army are limitless! Capture enemy units to turn them to your side in the battle. It’s not enough to simply control the most of the field though–you have to choose your targets carefully to outflank your opponent!


  • Draft from 50 different heroes, gods, myths, and monsters to form your army and conquer!
  • Four different terrain tiles provide alternate play methods, giving you new strategies to explore!
  • A lightweight, easily learnable tile placement game that offers huge replayability and emergent strategy!


We're all very excited to be bringing a new Sellswords to the Duelist Library. I can't wait to share some of the cards and rulebooks for this game and others with you all, starting next week. Look out for it! :D

- Brad


PS: Here's all the boxes together. Check it out! :D