This week, and for the next few weeks leading up to the release of our next new game, EXCEED, I'll be posting a series of previews of each of the 4 boxes in the game. 

For those who don't know about it yet, EXCEED is a new Fighting Card game, in the same vein as BattleCON, but with a more traditional card game feel and style of play. If you've enjoyed BattleCON and you're looking for a lighter, faster style of game, EXCEED is a great game to check out. We even have a free downloadable print and play version!

EXCEED comes in seasons, with each Season consisting of 4 boxes, each containing 4 characters, for a total of 16 fighters coming out every 6 months. for our first season, we're featuring the characters of Red Horizon, a series first featured in Jasco Games' Universal Fighting System Collectible Card Game. (And coincidentally, Jasco is releasing a World of Indines UFS set right now, featuring our fighters from BattleCON. You should check it out!)

If you want to reserve your own copy of this highly-anticipated new game, you can visit our online store!

Read on to learn about the 4 characters that appear in box 2!



Eva is a fragile, glass-cannon sort of fighter. In UFS, she has to be very careful about her defenses, but she gets access to a wide array of options and additional cards that help her counter play effectively.

In EXCEED, Eva is a boost-oriented fighter who upgrades herself constantly. Unlike other fighters, she can reclaim continuous boost cards, allowing her to bolster her stats and adapt to the style of her opponent. Additionally, Eva is a very passive fighter, and the longer she stalls before attacking, the more fearsome her boosts become.

Eva’s strategy usually revolves around dropping as many continuous boosts onto the table as possible, and forcing her opponent to attack in order to clear them. Because she needs a few boosts to make her attacks reasonable, Eva can be susceptible to rushdown tactics, but she can also crush foes with a few well-placed attacks. Managing your resources effectively and knowing how to apply pressure through the use of specific boosts will help you to adapt to the opponent and play Eva effectively.



Kaden is a brute-force fighter with lots of life and great strength. In UFS, he fights by adding new abilities to otherwise blank cards. In Exceed, we brought out this idea by giving him ways to enhance his normals via EX attacks.

An EX attack is formed when you use two copies of the same card. This is normally a power-play that costs a lot of tempo, but makes an attack exceptionally viable and effective. Kaden doesn’t have to sacrifice his tempo when he uses an EX attack though, since his character ability replaces the extra card.

Kaden is a very filter-oriented character, which means he will spend a lot of time dumping cards out of his hand to replace them, as well as recycling cards out of his discard pile to form the EX attack pairs he needs. When he can make EX attacks, especially after upgrading to Exceed Mode, any attack in his kit becomes totally devastating. However, unless he does a lot of serious card drawing, most of his EX attacks are telegraphed (by returning cards from the discard) and can be zoned effectively with basic movement. Choosing which attacks to hold and which to try and force the opponent into right now are important skills for playing Kaden correctly.



Miska is a pet-based fighter who works alongside her dog, Bear, to corner foes. In Exceed, Miska can use Bear as an origin for her attacks, giving her access to additional ranges.

Normally in Exceed, attacks that have more limited ranges are much faster, while those with wide ranges and higher defense are slower. Miska’s dog, Bear, can stand far away from her and attack, allowing her to use faster attacks at a range where her opponent’s can’t. These ranges give her an excellent control-oriented play style. The play style of setting up attacks at ranges where your opponent doesn’t have a viable counter is called ‘zoning’, and it’s a staple of control-oriented fighters in Exceed.

Miska has a bunch of zoning tools, including push-backs on her attacks and somersaults on her boosts, enabling her to set up the positions she needs without losing tempo. Effective zoning and control through her attacks can force opponents to waste their cards just trying to keep pace. Miska has a wide variety of ranged attacks, but these are often on the slower side, and require setup and tempo advantage to connect with. If she gets caught in melee without Bear, Miska can have a tough time dealing with opponents. Managing your resources effectively so that you always have a way out of your opponent’s advances is key to playing her effectively.



Lily is a range-oriented fighter whose attacks are effective across large swaths of the board. Her guns aren’t aways as good as other fighters’ specials, but her extended ranges mean that she’s often in a place to strike when opponents can’t counter.

Lily does much lower damage than Miska, but her attacks cover wider ranges and are more viable. Her character ability also gives her Normals extended range, allowing her entire kit to zone out opponents. Lily fights best at medium-to-long range, but her kit has plenty of tech to set up the ranges she needs and get out of compromising melee situations.

Lily’s style is flexible, since her character ability enhances her Normals. This gives her a lot of leeway in which tool she wants to use for each situation, and it skews the options strongly in her favor when both players are lower on cards. Because of this, Lily usually prefers to focus on a medium-ranged control strategy where she eats up rival options with movement actions, then punishes them on the turns when they take time to rebuild their hands. She doesn’t have great damage, but the viability of her kit in just about every situation means that she can take lots of little shots. The gauge generated by these hits helps her to stay ahead in the late game, when her opponents will have resources and Ultras that can counter her Normal Attack game.


Tag Pairing - Eva & Kaden 

Eva and Kaden are a tempo-oriented team that can build up to bigger and bigger attacks throughout the game. Eva’s boosts pair well with Kaden’s slower play style, allowing him to build up several viable attacks while she threatens. Once Kaden completes a string of attacks, Eva can use whatever cards he digs up with his character ability to fuel her next assault, and so on. Both are capable of large damage swings in the late game, allowing you to adapt to the situation you find yourself in and close the game in whatever way seems most effective.


Tag Pairing - Miska & Lily

Miska and Lily work effectively together as a full-board lockdown team, with Miska using Bear to control the opponent’s key range (whatever it may be), and switching to Lily to control other areas of the board. Normals are very important to both of these fighters, and they spend most of their Special attacks on positioning and boosting to set up and land key Normal attacks. With twice as much anti-melee and mobility at their disposal, it’s likely that one member or the other will have an answer for any attempts to engage them in melee.