This is the final week of our 4-part preview for EXCEED! The game should be well into stores by now, so don't wait! Go grab your copy!

For those who don't know about it yet, EXCEED is a new Fighting Card game, in the same vein as BattleCON, but with a more traditional card game feel and style of play. If you've enjoyed BattleCON and you're looking for a lighter, faster style of game, EXCEED is a great game to check out. We even have a free downloadable print and play version!

EXCEED comes in seasons, with each Season consisting of 4 boxes, each containing 4 characters, for a total of 16 fighters coming out every 6 months. for our first season, we're featuring the characters of Red Horizon, a series first featured in Jasco Games' Universal Fighting System Collectible Card Game. (And coincidentally, Jasco is releasing a World of Indines UFS set right now, featuring our fighters from BattleCON. You should check it out!)

If you want to reserve your own copy of this highly-anticipated new game, you can visit our online store!

Read on to learn about the 4 characters that appear in the final box!



No fighting game is complete without a grappler, right? Gabrek is a massive heavyweight fighter who can tear apart any foes foolish enough to come close to him. He’s slow and extremely dangerous, with a bunch of cards and a character ability that make him extremely threatening at range 1.

Gabrek is a specialist at close range fighting, with a ton of extremely punishing and hard-to-beat range 1 moves. He has a lot of tools for getting into range 1, but these still leave openings for his opponent to respond in time to get out of his way, though it’s often expensive to do so. Thus, Gabrek fights with a combination of intimidation and control, picking carefully when to strike and when to look for a better position.

Gabrek’s main strategies revolve around getting to range 1, as well as using range 1 as a way to threaten opponents into suboptimal moves. Especially with some gauge, Gabrek is so dangerous that opponents often have no choice but to step back, making your range 2 and 3 moves especially useful. Gabrek also has a boost called Reach that allows him to extend the range of his most threatening moves out by one space, giving him a surprise for opponents who don’t spend enough resources to get out of his way.



Ulrik is another fighter from Red Horizon that we got a first crack at bringing to life before he shows up fully in Red Horizon set 3. He’s quick and mobile, and we’ve brought him to life as a melee specialist in EXCEED.

Ulrik fights by racing in and out of melee with opponents, with his character ability giving him the power to mix up ranges when initiating combat. Ulrik’s attacks are not as strong as most fighters, but by manipulating ranges effectively, he can make sure that his enemy won’t have a suitable answer to the range he chooses to engage at.

Ulrik needs his boosts to make his attack damage viable, but once he charges up a little power, his incredible movement and hit confirm mean that opponents will probably be feeling the full force of his attacks. He can also use his great hit confirms and stuns to pressure opponents, keeping them in a bad position and running cards out of their hand as they try to escape his constant assault. Ulrik’s general strategy is to score a few hits early, then try to land some heavy hits such as Atomic Bolt or Inevitability with several power boosts active on it.



Alice is a control fighter who utilizes a few key attacks to make big attacks that her opponents can’t deal with. In EXCEED, we’ve built her as a control/threat fighter who possesses superior attacks with exceptionally precise range.

Alice has an exceptional set of special moves which outclass those of most other fighters. However, those moves are only usable at range 2 or range 3, and will miss the opponents if Alice can’t set up these specific ranges. With a lot of cheap movement and two ways to force her opponent into suboptimal attacks through her boosts, Alice can run her opponents down until they’re no longer able to avoid her best attacks, or punish them ruthlessly if they don’t take proper caution engaging her.

Alice’s strategy is to land a few powerful single strikes, then close the game by landing a hit with Surprise Punishment or Cross Blades, her two exceptionally high-damage Ultra Attacks. Combined with her character ability, Cross Blades can execute an enemy with as much as 15 life, forcing opponents to start playing around every move you make after the first few hits of a fight. Since Alice’s ability forces her opponent to try and engage her at range 1, holding onto cards that help her control this range as well is critical, as she’s far less effective there than fighters like Gabrek. In close range, Alice’s boosts can help her to make positive exchanges when played smartly, and many of her attacks will help her set up a deadly follow-up, if opponents attack first and give her the opportunity to take initiative.



Zoey was a very fun character to design. She fights with a boomerang, and so in UFS this is represented by her ability to return attacks to her hand. EXCEED’s Zoey fights in a similar way, forcing opponents to stop her from using her favorite attacks over and over again.

Zoey’s character ability makes her a natural for spamming special moves and normals at her foes. Her attacks aren’t great, but if she can set up a good zone, she can keep repeating the same attack over and over again until the opponent comes up with a suitable counter, which often means spending critical resources.

Zoey is a fighter who excels at scoring a lot of little hits quickly, building up her gauge while whittling down the opponent’s health. Once she gets a few cards in her gauge, her ability to spam extremely repeatable cards like Tsunami Slicer against a vulnerable opponent can quickly turn an even game into a runaway match in her favor. Opponents have to play conservatively and think about how to deal with her various special moves to avoid getting caught in a loop that can be difficult to break. If she gets into a late game situation where her opponent has control of the game, her other Ultra Attack, Neo Cosmic Flare allows her to cash in all her chips for a big blowout attack to seal the game.


Tag Pairing - Gabrek & Ulrik

Gabrek and Ulrik form a great team, with each one covering a weakness of the other. Ulrik’s excellent mobility can help Gabrek set up some serious threats, while Gabrek’s multitude of powerful attacks cover the major weakness in Ulrik’s kit. Switching in and out, they can control the pace of the fight very effectively.


Tag Pairing - Alice & Zoey

Alice and Zoey cover nicely for each other, since Zoey excels in the early game, and Alice excels in the late game. With a few hits from Zoey, Alice can join the fight with a full hand of high impact cards and the gauge to begin threatening with her Ultra Attacks right away.