Come and join Level 99 Games at BoardGameGeek Con in our Duelist Lounge from 6-10pm in room 1112 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights! Take a break from the clamor and bustle of the open gaming halls to enjoy some refreshments and quiet atmosphere for 2-player games.

Duelist Lounge is a space reserved for head-to-head games, sponsored by Level 99 Games. We'll be providing drinks, snacks, and a variety of 1-on-1 games from our Duelist Line series, including BattleCON, EXCEED, Sellswords, Pixel Tactics (including the currently-on-kickstarter Mega Man Pixel Tactics) and more! Feel free to bring your own favorite 2-player games from the BGG Library as well!

Attendees to BGG will find a copy of Level 99 Games's recent release, Dragon Punch, in their registration bags. This is a quick and light-hearted secret-selection combat micro-game with variable player powers. Dragon Punch plays anywhere in only minutes, so you can battle with friends while in line, while waiting on other gamers to show up to your table, or between raffle ticket calls during the Saturday Night festivities.

We look forward to seeing you at BGG Con next week!

- The Level 99 Games Team