Indines In-Depth

Indines In-Depth: Luc Von Gott

Hey everyone!

This week we're taking a look into one of the influential characters of the World of Indines setting, Luc Von Gott, whose past actions are responsible for much of the state of the world.

This week, we're ending our first round of sales from our online store, and we'll be introducing new sales next week. If you want to get one of the limited edition Dragon Punch Tins, this may be your last chance for a while! Also, for those who haven't seen it yet, you can get the World Champion Promo (Geisha Tatsumi & Nin-Juto) for a limited time at DriveThruCards. Enjoy!

"Time doesn't change us. Time destroys us, and replaces us. You may have the name of my friend, but you're not that person anymore."

"After everything we fought for, this is the future we bought? I expected we would have come so much further towards peace in these three centuries."

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Indines In-Depth: Kallistar Flarechild

Welcome back to another week of Indines In-Depth! This week, I picked a character that we've seen a lot of, but still know very little about: Kallistar Flarechild. I hope you enjoy the segment!

“I may be a violent person by nature, but that just adds to my charm, or so they tell me.”

"Sometimes I just like to curl up by the hearth with a good book. Paper makes for a great snack."

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Tanis Trilives

Wow, I missed almost of month of Indines In-Depth. The move-out from our old warehouse was a lot of work, but it's finally behind us, and I'm back to spending my days making games and staying in touch with the community once again. My thanks to all of you who have been patient with us this month as we change gears.

This week, I've decided to write up a segment on Ithry's favorite character, Tanis! (Ithry is our graphic designer and customer support, for those of you who haven't met him yet)

Also, if you haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet, our new online store is here, and we have a bunch of cool new bundles, as well as an opportunity to pre-order Millennium Blades and Dragon Punch! Please check it out, if you haven't already!

And now, without further ado...

"Well, yes, I suppose I am a ghost... but aren't we all ghosts, in one way or another?"

"I think this story will make for a splendid play! I can't wait to start making some new puppets!"

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Zaamassal Kett

Greetings everyone! Another week, another Indines In-Depth! This week I'll focus on Zaamassal Kett, widely regarded as one of the strongest fighters from the original cast in BattleCON: War. Zaamassal certainly requires some unique tactics to deal with, since he can change the rules of battle on the fly.

In other news, BattleCON Online is coming along smoothly, and we're spending this week working on animations and bug fixes. Look out for some announcements about the future of the game coming up soon, once our closed beta test opens up next week!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the backstory of Zaamassal Kett!

"As a boy, I would wander, hoping to find the doors to the faraway places... but when I faced them at last, I understood the truth... we are all just accidents born of chaos, eventually to vanish into void. When I saw that, the places that held so much magic for me turned cold and ugly. But now, there was no escape from them."

"To watch your master slaughter a monster, or even a world of monsters, seemed like nothing to me. But to see a member of my own race, one who had placed her trust in me, be so casually discarded... It made me realize what I served... and what I was to her."

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Baenvier Marlgrove

Hey everyone! Another week, another Indines In-Depth. This week, I decided to feature Baenvier Marlgrove, Rexan's Lesionaire captain.

This is also the last week of our big holiday sale. We're finally moving out of our old warehouse this week, and so any help you can give us to move thing out faster (and to you) is much appreciated!

This week I decided to focus on a fighter from BattleCON: Fate. Welsie was suggested, but I haven't got her entire epic worked out yet, so I chose one of the main fighters from the front of the box (and whom I have a bit more art for).


"Your magic, your devices, your weapons... they are all a crutch for your weakness."

"My only faith is in myself. My only religion is my family. My only god is the overlord."

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