In our strategy corner this week, I have some tips to offer for those of you who are playing Unlimited Tournaments. Strikers can be a powerful asset for your team, but it’s important to pick the right characters to support your team. You get to use two Strikers in each duel, and you have the ability to bring along four of them, so depending on which fighter your opponent bans, your strikers will need to adapt to support each one of your fighters.

Before you go into the tournament, make sure you know in advance which 2 Strikers you will plan to pair up with each fighter. It may be useful to deviate from this plan a little bit based on matchups, but in general, you’ll want to have a Plan A to put in motion.

Because you don’t have the advantages of a Force Gauge, ante is going to be the most common place to use your Strikers, so it is often best to prioritize strikers with synergistic effects. For example, a fighter like Kallistar can benefit greatly from Striker Kehrolyn's Retrovirus ante, which lets her re-use her powerful Flare style without suffering the negative effects. A fast fighter like Demitras can benefit greatly from Striker Alexian's Battlefield Gambit ability, which makes his fast attacks hit much harder. The best way to start picking your Strikers is to choose a Striker whose Ante synergizes well with key attacks of two or more of your fighters.

The S-Attack effects on your Strikers can form a powerful synergy, but it’s important to not pick a Striker just for its S-Attack. Remember that these moves won’t utilize your fighter’s UA bonuses, so an S-Attack needs to be tactically motivating on its own to be viable. The best S-Attacks are the ones that will cover the weakness of one of your fighters. Such as giving a close range knockback to a fighter like Rukyuk or giving a slow, defensive counterattack to someone like Shekhtur.

Boosts are tricky animals–a strong boost can create incredible synergy with a fighter, but it’s difficult to make a Boost stick, since your opponent will have their Dash at the ready to nullify the effect. For this reason, boosts are best reserved for a key opportunity, when defenses are down, or for a specific setup that your opponent has no way to counter. You should usually avoid choosing a Striker just for their boost, but once you’ve narrowed down the range of possibilities for your team, a boost that’s difficult for your opponents to deal with can be a deciding factor in which Striker has priority.

Choose your strikers wisely, and good luck in the tournaments! :D