In our strategy corner last week, we talked about Unlimited Format tournaments. This week, I'd like to share some thoughts on composing your team in a Standard Tournament.

There's more to selecting your roster than just picking your three most capable fighters–it's important to think about how those fighters' matchups will cover one another.

For those who haven't played standard yet, a quick overview. Players bring a team of 3 fighters, the opponent chooses one of those to ban, and then the player who can defeat both of his opponent's fighters first is declared the winner. 

For this reason, an ideal team has at least 2 fighters who can deal with each possible rival fighter. Your one ban is useful here–you can get rid of at least one fighter who isn't favored against your team.

To get the best matchup coverage, select a group of fighters that can cover each others' weaknesses, and who have no glaring weaknesses to exploit. A good well-rounded fighter like Hikaru, Pendros, Thessala, Vanaah, Joal, Zaamassal, or Karin can form the core of your team and cover a wide variety of matchups. 

With a good all-rounder, you can bring in a specialist, such as Rukyuk, ARIA, Tanis, Adjenna, Heketch, or Malandrax to force dangerous matchups on your opponent. This should be the character in this category that you feel best with, and think is most likely to get banned by your opponent. If your opponent bans one of your other fighters, then you can use your specialist to exploit weaknesses in the rival team.

After selecting your first two members, you may want to consider bringing a second specialist (if you're really confident in your play of these characters) but more commonly you'll want an off-main. Fighters like Baenvier, César, Alexian, Cadenza, Rexan, and Clive are excellent at foiling matchups which may be a little tough for your main all-rounder.

With your team composed, the best thing to do is find some friends and practice! If you're looking for other BattleCON fans in your area, check out the Organized Play Guide, and use your event as an opportunity to build your local BattleCON Community!