Shovel Knight Exceed Complete Bundle

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Yacht Club Games’ shovel-tastic platformer, Shovel Knight, comes to Exceed, along with the entire Order of No Quarter!

Exceed has been meticulously balanced and expertly designed for both casual and competitive play. 
This bundle contains the entirety of Shovel Knight Exceed!
Players  Ages Play Time Learning Curve
2 12+ 15 min Easy
  • Expertly designed for both casual and competitive play.
  • Rigorously balanced by hundreds of testers for tournament play.
  • Highly reviewed by the tabletop gaming community.
  • Built with friends and gaming circles in mind.

This Bundle contains 10 Fighters and everything you need to play!

  • Shovel Knight & Shield Knight - It’s dangerous to go alone! Shield Knight joins Shovel Knight to fight together as a team once again. Work together with your partner to double-team foes!
  • Propeller Knight - Swoop and dance through the arena, striking with grace and precision as you dismantle your foes! If things prove too tough, send in your artillery crew to blow away the competition!
  • Mole Knight - Undermine your opponents by tunneling across the arena, attacking from every angle and giving no quarter! When the going gets tough, turn up the heat with even more burrowing power!
  • Tinker Knight - It’s time to put your master plan into play! Though you begin each duel frail, use this time to build up your mech, then unleash havoc in the second phase of the battle!
  • Plague Knight - The bigger the explosion, the better the alchemist! Unleash unbridled havoc with Plague Knight by adding unexpected additional effects to each bomb you throw!
  • Polar Knight - Control the arena by unearthing spikes of ice and throwing your opponents into them! With defense and tactics on your side, the cold will claim any foe in time.
  • Treasure Knight - With your trusty hook and powerful armor, none can stand against the master of the seas! Take on opponents at every range, using superior resources and positioning to gain the upper hand!
  • King Knight - Lord over your foes by laying down royal decrees, some of the most powerful (and expensive) cards in the land! Crush those peasant knights beneath your heel with regal authority!
  • Specter Knight - Teach your enemies the meaning of fear by threatening to attack at every angle. Specter Knight’s powerful scythe and a horde of ghastly weapons mean that nowhere is safe for foes!
  • The Enchantress - Those who resist the Enchantress must be made an example! Unleash mighty feats of magic, carefully managing your spells to destroy any fools who stand in your way!