Witch Hunt

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The Social Deduction Game, Perfected.

"We thought werewolves were the worst of our problems—until the witches came to town."

WitchHunt is unique in that not only do all players get a simple unique role, but dead players still make important decisions and play an active role in the game. This means WitchHunt has the classic paranoia of a gradually shrinking group of players, but without the obnoxious player elimination!

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Critical Acclaim for Witch Hunt

"A wonderful night of lying to your friends!" - James Portnow, writer of Extra Credits, Seattle

"In my 200+ games of WitchHunt, I've never seen two games play out the same way, or begin the same, or even have the same exchange of pregame witty banter and triple-bluff confessions." - Josh Little, St. Louis

"This game was so much fun! Best Mafia variant I've played." - Jose Duarte, Chicago


  • 7-22 Players (Recommended 13+)
  • Play Time: 60-90 minutes
  • Intensity: Moderate
  • Designed by Kyle Brockman
  • Illustrated by Laura La Vito