The Grand Chronicle


The art and story of Level 99’s World of Indines, finally revealed for new and old fans alike!

For nearly a decade, Level 99 Games has published games and expansions for BattleCON, Pixel Tactics, Argent, and Empyreal set in overarching World of Indines. Fans have clamored for details on the characters and setting underpinning these games for years, and the Grand Chronicle finally provides the answers to their questions—and a whole lot more!

This book is a passion project for all lovers of fantasy, written to stand alone as a work of world-building to spark curiosity and imagination alike. With dozens of new and lavish art pieces that bring the setting to life, the Grand Chronicle tells the story behind of the World of Indines’ past and its future to come!


  • Hardcover
  • 250+ pages
  • 15 new landscape illustrations by ShoZ
  • 18 new story illustrations by Sinlaire
  • 15 story chapters detailing the narrative of Indines
  • Classic illustrations by Nokomento, Fabio Fontes, and WickedAlucard
  • The complete stories of BattleCON, Argent, Empyreal, and more
  • All-new details and untold stories of the characters and history of Indines