Discord Boosting

We're looking to get boosted! Fans on our Discord Server can boost us to receive rewards for our online store.

Boosting us on discord unlocks stuff for everyone, so we wanted to give a special thank-you to any fans willing to do so! For more information on what boosting is, you can check out the Discord Wiki.

For boosting in our discord, you'll get...

💎 A permanent shiny “Level Booster” role in the server

🎟 A voucher of $10 to use in the Level 99 Online Store for each month of boost

…and more to be announced soon!

For each month you boost us, you gain one level!

When you’ve reached level 12 (after you’ve boosted us for the 12th time), you’ll be awarded with a VIP role in our Discord community! We’ll also have a surprise for you… 

What do I need to do?

After you’ve given us the boost, send a ticket to our Customer Support.

    1. Go to https://level99games.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
    2. Make sure your email address is the same as your Level 99 Store account
    3. Select “Discord Boosted” for Request Type
    4. Enter your Discord Username in the description

Note: You need to do this each month you have boosted us.

You should expect a reply within 3 working days with your voucher code for our online  store and your new role on Discord!