Bullet♥︎ Weekly Fulfillment Updates 4.16.2021

Bullet♥︎ Weekly Fulfillment Updates 4.16.2021

Bullet♥︎ Weekly Fulfillment Updates 4.16.2021

Greetings friends!

Here's our weekly update on the fulfillment status of Bullet♥︎!


We're just about finished up with Bullet♥︎! Our only major remaining zone to fulfill is Canada, and we hope to have that shipped out in the next 2 weeks.


We are currently in the process of addressing shortfall items and replacing missing parts. If you submitted a ticket or are missing items, hopefully you've already heard from our team about any missing games or replacement parts.


If you are missing something and you haven't heard from us yet (and you're not in Canada), then you can send us a ticket and we'll start hunting down your pledge. Please give us 1-2 weeks to address new incoming tickets.


Bullet Orange

This is the last weekend to pre-order Bullet🍊 (Orange) with an international shipping discount. Next week, we're going to initiate ocean freight to get the games on the water and over to you, so we'll have to start charging shipping rates from the USA.

Get Bullet🍊 here: https://www.level99store.com/pages/bullet-orange


Chinese Language Editions

Our Chinese Language Editions are on the way to us. We expect to ship those orders as soon as they arrive, in the next few weeks.


Spanish Language Editions

We are still waiting on some news from Melmac Games on these. Last we heard, they were in the process of being produced.


Japanese Language Editions

The Japanese-language editions are in production and Asobition will be shipping them out to backers as soon as they're ready.