Bullet★ shipping news and updates

Bullet★ shipping news and updates

Bullet★ shipping news and updates

Greetings friends!

We're happy to report that fulfillment of Bullet★ is almost complete!

Last month, we had an issue where several pallets of the game had gone missing. We've since made arrangements to cover this loss, but it did delay the shipment of all orders to Canada, as well as all orders which contained Bullet♥︎.

Those arrangements have finally come through, and we're excited to report that your copies of Bullet (in all symbol varieties) are on the way in both Canada and the USA.

We hope that you are having a great time with Bullet (or will be soon, anyways :D)!

We would love to hear about your experience. If you share your words about Bullet and a picture of your game group, you can get $25 off your next purchase from us through the Level 99 Experience program.

And if there's anything wrong with your copy, please reach out to us so that we can do everything possible to make your experience perfect!

Thanks so much for your patience and support on this exciting project! What would you like to see next from Bullet? We have some surprises in store for you before the end of the year, so look out! :D