Freight & Fulfillment News!

Freight & Fulfillment News!

Freight & Fulfillment News!

Greetings friends!

I'm excited to share the latest update on delivering Bullet to you!

Ocean Freight

Right now, most of our games are on boats heading around the world. We have confirmed ocean freight booking for all destinations, and estimated delivery at fulfillment centers here:

  • USA — Port on 1/21. Ready to Fulfill on 2/16. Canada will be split from the USA shipment on arrival, so we don't have an estimated date to Ontario yet, but it will likely be similar to the USA (which is happening in New Jersey).
  • UK — Port on 1/21. Ready to Fulfill on 2/22.
  • EU — Port on 1/22. Ready to Fulfill on 2/22.
  • AU/NZ — Port on 1/14. Ready to Fulfill on 2/2.

Please keep in mind that these dates are still ESTIMATES. Especially in Europe and UK, we may still see some delays due to Brexit-related congestion at ports and customs houses.


For Asia, we're already on to Fulfillment! Today, we've just sent out fulfillment data to VFI, our partner in Asia, and they will be taking things from here. They have not given us an expected start date, but we do know that they have picked up all the games and will likely be shipping before Chinese New Year begins.

If you pledged for a Chinese or Japanese edition of Bullet, those pledges will be fulfilled by Banana Games and Asobition respectively, our licensors for those editions. We will notify you of tracking via BackerKit, but you may also receive a confirmation from these shippers, so please look out for that. If you did the above AND are getting any Level 99 Games add-ons, those should come separately from VFI, so look out for two packages.