FINAL DAY of Empyreal: Far Corners Kickstarter!

FINAL DAY of Empyreal: Far Corners Kickstarter!

FINAL DAY of Empyreal: Far Corners Kickstarter!

Greetings, friends! We've reached the dawn of the final day for our Empyreal: Far Corners Kickstarter! We're making our way towards getting funded and we really appreciate your support.

It's time to let those Empyreal flags fly as we march onto the final few hours. May everyone's social media feeds be filled with Empyreal content! To help you with this, we have all sorts of Empyreal digital goodies for you: phone wallpapers, avatars, and printable postcards galore!

Phone Wallpapers

Show off your favorite Empyreal destination by having it as your phone wallpaper! From majestic kingdoms to untamed wilderness, there's always new sights to see in Indines! Download your favorite wallpaper here!


If locations aren't your cup of tea, then these avatars will let you represent some of the colorful cast of Empyreal! You can be a Dryad like Kirland or a smooth-talking Bard like Trias! Download your new avatar here!


If you're a little bit more on the crafty side, you can magic these digital postcards into real printable postcards! Send them to friends and family, so that they too can see the magical land of Indines for themselves. Download your printable postcards here!

Final Words

It's been a pleasure having all of you on the project and we're so close to funding! We would really appreciate your help in making that a reality so that more people can enjoy Empyreal together. As we said, the best way you can support the project right now is to share with friends who may not have heard about Empyreal. If you want an easy option, you can just retweet our latest tweet or share our latest facebook post. You can now also share this blog post!

Of course, you can also back the project here, if you haven't already!

We hope to see the hype train keep on chugging! See you folks when we do the countdown stream!