Character Preview: Kokonoe Mercury

Character Preview: Kokonoe Mercury

Character Preview: Kokonoe Mercury

Hey, folks! With Season 5 on the horizon, we’ve asked D (aka tirankin) to give us insight into the season, it’s mechanics, and characters. Without further ado, let’s let see what D has to say!

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Kokonoe is a technical setplay zoner with the tools to perform well in any situation. She struggles under pressure, but if she has time to set up, she can safely unleash high-damage payouts like none other!

Kokonoe's kit is full of gadgets and gizmos which can be tricky to deploy effectively. She's recommended for experienced players who enjoy complex card interactions and love it when a plan comes together.

Key Design Idea: Doing Science!

Kokonoe is a sharp cat-girl whose scientific genius is matched only by the severity with which she executes her plans. She has a complex selection of Boosts and attacks that interact with each other to give her countless options, and her character ability deploys a Graviton to manipulate her opponent's position. She's an architect of cleverly-laid plans who never fails to capitalize on her setups - or her opponent's mistakes!

Strengths & Weaknesses


Kokonoe's Overdrive lets her use her Ultras in new ways without putting her resources at risk, and her Overdrive trigger lets her place the Graviton anywhere she needs. Her Overdrive is exceptionally short-lived in order to be accessible whenever she needs it. It's best used as the final step of setup before executing a payout.

Kokonoe's Astral Heat, Ultimate Impact, deals significant damage, but its true value lies in its secondary effect. This Astral lets her draw any number of cards when it hits, guaranteeing that she has everything she needs to close the game afterward! It also doubles as a quick source of Gauge when she’s in desperate straits, although she usually prefers not to rely on using it this way.