Sales and Release coming in July + June Recap

Sales and Release coming in July + June Recap

Sales and Release coming in July + June Recap

It's been a busy month of pre-press and proofing here at Level 99 Games. We've got some exciting announcements to share with you this month, so read on!

Eight years since it's launch, you've probably heard of or encountered Pixel Tactics somewhere along the way.

Next week you'll have the opportunity to clean up anything you've missed from the series in our next big summer sale!

Bullet Orange is just about in position to begin delivering to you! You can look out for shipping details by the end of July!

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Speaking of Bullet—in August, you'll have your first opportunity to pre-order Bullet★ via Launch 99. You can order it alongside a reprint of Bullet♥︎ and/or the Deluxe Wooden Bullets if you missed them during the Bullet♥︎ Kickstarter.

We've already begun sharing some previews of Bullet★ on Level With Us Livecast ( You can check out the new heroines and bosses by following our youtube channel.

Priorities for the end of the year have been reordered to facilitate a new surprise project, codenamed Crow, which we are excited to reveal to you soon! Stay tuned!

The release schedule for 2022 is still in the process of being reordered to account for these changes. Please look out for more news on our future projects closer to the end of the year.

Happy gaming!

D. Brad Talton Jr.
Level 99 Games, President


Project Status

Watch this space for the status of our current and future projects!
In this latest update, we've removed projects that are not launching in 2021, and have also removed target launch dates—all dates shown are target delivery dates, to make our progress a bit clearer.